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"Twenty years old, no betrothed enough! No matter in what capacity the girl, the girl from the first moment I saw just now, I'll have to marry you." Tease than said after a sigh of relief.

"My mother once told me, if able to meet let yourself really like wholesale jerseys, be sure to mind the first time to show the other side, so as not to miss their great marriage. I teased hair than here under heavy oath, this life set to marry the girl in front of his wife, if violated, will be Oath, ax plus body to death. "

"Look at me, destroy god!." A dark middle-aged man asked loudly.

Li et coach also came over, which also unfamiliar faces two more people. A military attache. Another tall plate from the hair, face expressionless, but it is a 31-year-old beautiful woman, it invited the four martial arts weapons were acquired when the referee. After a while, he announced a competition rules since letters stood on the ring. "This is also a test of the same as before, with three winning or losing each round, four martial arts school chalk out a person can take the initiative to challenge and be challenged martial arts must strive against failure disciples shall enter the next round of a competition, the winner disciple We can continue to challenge other fighter in the next round. after three rounds to retain the right to challenge his disciples how much a given rank. " After sealing a finish, immediately he jumped out of the ring, put that military officer calmly walked up, just a slight Baoquan, just stood there and said nothing.